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The Jack O'Newbury is a long-established Freehouse in Binfield, Berkshire.
Landlord, James Teasdale, ex of The Victoria Arms, Binfield.
At the Jack O'Newbury we have a wide range of beers and Real Ales. Our current list of beers includes:
• Young's Special 4.5%
• Abbot 5.0%
• Rebellion IPA 3.7%
• Wadworth 6X 4.1%
• Zebedee 4.7%
• Guinness at £4/pint
• Carlsberg at £3.70/pint
• San Miguel at £3.80/pint
• Amstel at £3.70/pint
• Original Pheasant Cider 4.5%

We are pleased to announce that the Skittle Alley is now available for bookings until the end of July.

Come and join us and enjoy to watch The Lions on tour. We are open to watch every game on 2 screens. All games are 8:35am kick-offs. For the Test Matches on June 24th, July 1st and July 8th, we will be open from 7:45am offering an excellent help yourself Buffet Breakfast for £5 a head including tea or coffee from 8am. The bar will of course be open with no doubt some special offers! Click here for more information.
Don't miss this on 8th July!!!!